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Digital storytelling in the age of blocks

26 March 2020 | Omar Reiss

Last September, we released our first digital story; Diversity, inequality, and prejudice; a sociological exploration. This is the first in what will, hopefully, become a small series of stories that really define our mission, company culture, and broader vision. With these stories, we want to explore the possibilities the WordPress block editor has to offer …

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A better, faster approach to CSS in WordPress themes

10 January 2019 | 20 Comments | Jono Alderson

In our ongoing quest to make yoast.com lightning fast, we've reached a bottleneck when it comes to optimising our CSS. The ways in which WordPress themes manage, handle and output stylesheets just aren't good enough. Technology has changed, the web has evolved, and the tools we have are out of date. We think we can come …

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