12 months, 12 technologies

I think it is important to keep learning new things. To encourage myself to keep doing that, I have two different ways to learn new things. On the one hand, I follow people that consistently produce quality content which I can learn from. On the other hand, I explore other interests to meet new people and get fresh ideas.

Deep understanding

Thanks to these different interest, I have a basic understanding of a broad range of topics. This is something that suits me very well. I have always been interested in everything. But there is one big challenge with this approach: how can you truly judge an idea or technology without having a deep understanding of it?

So when Omar asked me to lay down three ambitions for 2017, I had a quick first pick: getting to know technologies that interest me deeply. I wanted to take a deep dive into a series of technologies and get to know how each of them works. This also benefits us at Yoast because we can make more educated choices about which technologies to use. Eventually, we combined this with my ambition to write a blog post every month. This is how "12 months, 12 technologies" was conceived.

The plan

So, I'm writing a blog post about a technology each month in 2017. I apply the word 'technology' very broadly; it could be a library, a language, a piece of hardware, and anything in between. I want to dig deep. I'm aiming to find out the underlying reasons why it exists, to learn the values of the community and to discover whether they align with our values at Yoast.

I will also be presenting every blog post internally. This way we get to share the knowledge among each other at Yoast.

The first technology I will be diving into is Redux! Join me next month to see how I did.